• Image of Gift Card

Gift card towards tattoo time or merch, this does not count as or towards a deposit for an appointment.

Please choose between “E-Gift Card”, “Hard Copy Pickup”, and “Hard Copy Post”. Each option gives you the choice of $20, $50, or $100, with an additional $1.00 added if you choose “Post”. If you would like to add more money to a gift card, please choose any of the “Add-On” options in addition to your initial amount, and in the notes at checkout, please let us know if you’d like to bundle or separate cards and how you’d like to group everything.

When selecting the “E-Gift Card” option, please include the recipient’s name and email address in the notes so we can email your actual gift card, we will not honor the emailed receipt of your purchase as payment (although it would be smart to hang on to that just in case).

Gift Cards are valid for ONE YEAR from date of purchase, please understand that we will not make any exceptions to this rule.