• Image of Tattoo Deposit

Here's how it works:

We take a $100 deposit any time an appointment is scheduled. This covers the drawing and holding your appointment day/time and IS NOT the total cost of your tattoo. The deposit amount does, however, go towards the total cost of your tattoo. Please be advised that if you're getting multi-session work done, your deposit will come off the last session of the tattoo.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and valid for 90 days, after which you will need to pay a new deposit. Deposits will be honored in the event you need to to reschedule your appointment, as long as you give at least 24 hours notice. That being said, only one reschedule will be permitted in order to keep your deposit. If you no call/no show for an appointment, cancel without at least 24 hours notice, or cancel with 24 hours notice more than once, your deposit will be forfeited and you will have to pay a new deposit to schedule a new appointment.

If you are scheduling an appointment for a convention date, please be advised this deposit DOES NOT cover your entry fee into the convention, just your appointment day/time.

It's okay if you are unsure of the exact design/placement/size/etc. of your tattoo, we can always figure out those details later.

Please include your email address and phone number in the message section so we can get in touch with you. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot us an email before paying a deposit.